About Me

SAM Who?

Over the years I have heard different pronunciation of my name. Shahabudheen, Salaludheen, Salabudheen… aaarrrrh. Very few people pronounced it correctly; it was a bit annoying to hear these versions. Things got worst when I started to interact with foreign employers and client. So I started to use Sam, short form of my name Salahudheen A.M...

About the site

I launched my portfolio site SonicMedia.com 14 years back. For nearly two years I maintained it properly, then I got busy in an animation project and decided to abandon the site, the domain got expired and Version 1 of SonicMedia vanished. A long time later the animation and other busy engagements where over and I wanted to revamp my site. But, I was disappointed to see that the domain was already registered by someone else. The redo of the site was postponed again.

After nearly a year I wanted to experiment with “DIV Based Layout” with CSS instead of the “Table based layout”. I tried to persuade a switch over to divs at my office but the programming team was a bit skeptical about the relevance of this change. I wanted to try it ASAP and thought, “aha why d’t I try it on my own site, so that I d’t needs anyone’s consent…Thus in 2007 I completed and uploaded SonicMedia2.com in less than 3 days.

It took me 10 years to make up my mind and build third version of the site. I also used the opportunity to change my domain to www.sonicmedia.in

About my career

I started my career as an html coder at Omega InfoTech, one of the leading web design firms in Kerala, India at that time. I did not have any prior experience in html or web designing at that time; Even then I applied for the post of graphic designer and got my first job. The appointment was based on drawings I presented at the time of the interview.

Three companies I worked till date where newly established, and this gave me opportunity to work closely with the management in developing and maintaining the business at a respectable level. This scenario also demanded me to work in every aspect of web development (excluding programming) and team development.

I worked with the management in preparing Employee Manual, Essential Office Documentation, Growth Plans, and Formulating Marketing Strategies. I take it as a compliment that some of these companies still follow development ideas that I formulated while I was working there.

Roles changed drastically once I got placement in big MNC’s like Xerox and Cognizant. I started to work more on leading the team initially and then later, managing people. There was nothing creative about people management and slowly I made up my mind to drop out and start as freelance designer. Initially I worked only for other Design and Development firms only. After acquiring enough resources to handle all type of web, print and multimedia projects, I started to do works directly for clients and companies under the brand name SonicMedia.


Photoshop 90%

DreamWeaver 85%

Illustrator 70%

SEO 40%


Bootstrap 95%

Sound Booth 55%

I know Sam for the past 7 years. He completed several print design projects for my company during this period. What I appreciate most in him is his prompt and never-failing support when we need some help with the work.

Abu Bakar

Proprietor | Charmer Furniture

Sam worked as our employee 13 years back. Even now when we need to carry out tasks that can’t be done by our inhouse employees. We consult with Sam, either for doing it for us as an independent consultant or to find a suitable resource for us.

Sumesh Chandrasekhar


It was really pleasant working with Sam. Though we knew nothing about Websites and technicalities behind Website Development. With patience he walked us through the process from start to finish.

Jijo John

Partner | Nilgiri Furniture